Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 4 Wrap-Up

The week started so awesome! We had a beautiful warm day on Sunday - worked in the yard, then when on a discovery stroll at a nearby park, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. By the way, the picture above is from the park where Monkey got to have a real adventure crossing a creek, first - over rocks, then - over fallen trees.

But on Monday it was like Winter: Part 2 here, complete with icy rain and SNOW. Schools got cancelled. The first meeting of our calculus math circle got cancelled. The rest of the week was just as bad even when snow was replaced by lots cold rain. Although Treetops classes don't get cancelled because of the weather (one of the benefits or drawbacks, depending on whom you ask, of homeschooling), I made a few changes to the plans. Mostly because I was getting through a mild cold this week. And also because the book I co-authored was featured in The Atlantic. So yeah, lots of stuff going on.

We officially signed Monkey up for fencing classes. He's very happy and ready to be there four days a week. He also got real gear, including a mask, a glove and, most exciting of all, a real fencing foil!

Monkey's favorite this week, as far as homeschool goes, was working on different math puzzles (I've downloaded the Moscow Puzzles book), logic puzzles by MindWare, and playing with Zome tools. We worked on a Zome contraption and then he used it to blow bubbles - always fun. Along the way we discussed symmetry and figured out that our contraption had a glide reflection symmetry. Afterwards, Monkey came up with a "glide symmetry" dance, the "just symmetry" dance, and the "no symmetry at all" dance to the tune of "Everything is Awesome" (from the Lego Movie).

His other project was a new comics. This one was called "Bakugans against Pirates". He staged everything and I helped him take pictures and write down the story. Sometime later this month I'll get the pictures printed out and he'll work on a new book.

Finally, he got a chance to make some money (and practice some math) today when he helped us pack all those Moebius Noodles books we sold after the article in The Atlantic came out (and got picked up elsewhere on the internets). He's going to help us some more tomorrow he said.

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