Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some of Monkey's Lego Builds

This week's big adventure was a trip to the LegoFest. Last time LegoFest was in our city, Monkey just turned 4 years old. And he wasn't all that interested in Legos. Sure, he had a couple of sets and some loose pieces. But he really wasn't into building things. And then, after that first LegoFest his Lego building just exploded.

He still builds almost every day. Most of his models are pretty small. Some can get rather elaborate like this one above where he built Treasure Island with a cave, a bunkhouse, a swamp and a zipline for Jim Hawkins and Doctor Livesey . And he still dreams of building a Death Star from scratch (he tried, but ran out of Legos).
Part of a very large and very elaborate space craft manufacture and astronaut training facility.
Space command troop carrier.
Must be a frat house for clone troopers.
Robot-explorer (with the mandatory laser) and a Moon buggy.
Another version of the astronaut training center. Centrifuge is in the background.
Hero Factory Hero (from lots of loose parts, assembled at LegoFest 2014)
A pyramid to be placed in the Creation Nation Nevada during the LegoFest 2014.
Multi-purpose space vehicle built out of whatever loose parts were not too deep in the bins during the LegoFest 2014.

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