Saturday, February 15, 2014

Treetops Academy Schedule - Week 2

From the last week's snow and ice-storm, Monkey came up with a new word - "ice-o-lated" as in "Look Mom, every twig got ice-o-lated and makes a cool jingling noise when I shake it!" 

The full name of our little home school is Treetops Free Learning Academy. I think the "free" part is a good description of our attitude toward specific curriculum choices. We don't follow any. Or rather, we don't follow any specific curriculum for any length of time or with any strictness. 

I can't say we do the whole unschooling thing, but we are definitely leaning that way. The only two classes that are mandatory here are English reading and math. The rest follows the interests of Monkey. 

But even when it comes to English and Math, our schedule is like a multi-colored quilt and much of it is shaped by Monkey's own ideas, like this one. Although English lessons tend to be more regimented (and, possibly because of that, are less loved). I'm still trying to figure out a better way of going about teaching a 7-year old the insane rules of English grammar.

Week of English ReadingMath
February 17-21, 2014
MondayLet's Read - Lesson 54
Explode the Code 2
KenKen app
MathMania - 3 logic/reasoning puzzles that aren't very heavy on arithmetic
How many ways to fold a square into halves, quarters?
Imagine that a teapot had two spouts game
TuesdayLet's Read - Lesson 54 part 2
Explode the Code 2
IQ Fit puzzle
DIY pattern guesser game
WednesdayLet's Read - Lesson 55
Explode the Code 2
TipOver puzzle
How to make 12
Make your own tesselation, add mirror books
Tesselation scavenger hunt around the house
Math Circle
ThursdayLet's Read - Lesson 56
Explode the Code 2
The Story of Chu - play with tangram
The Mystery of the Sunken Treasure - Sailing, Sailing
FridayLet's Read - Lesson 57
Explode the Code 2
Treasure Quest puzzle
The Mystery of the Sunken Treasure - Sea Star Calculations, Underwater Wheel of Fortune
We will also have yoga and our regular family game night on Tuesday (I'm hoping we get to play Settlers of Catan or Tsuro), a Math Circle on Wednesday, and the Young Engineers Club and fencing on Thursday. Unless we get another snow storm or some other unexpected event.


  1. I envy a little to homeschoolers. I never thought I'd say it, but I'd give it a try I could. Smarty adores Settlers of Catan!

  2. Natalie, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Actually, I think I got the idea about trying Catan with Monkey after seeing one of your blog posts about the board games you play with Smarty.

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